Bring your silverware back to an ‘as new’ condition

lauraclemson Silverware Reconditioning

Could your cutlery or holloware do with a little TLC? Well, we can bring them back to their former glory with our specialist reconditioning service.

We refurbish:
– Solid sterling silver
– Plated silver
– Gold
– Stainless Steel

There are two ways in which your cutlery or holloware can be treated, depending on its condition and composition:
We can perform an industrial polishing procedure or refinishing, which buffs the surface of your silverware and brings it up to a beautiful finish. In other cases, re-plating is necessary, and a new layer of silver (or gold) is applied.
In either case we will ensure that your silverware is restored to the best condition possible, and this of course includes removing any dents or straightening of bent fork prongs etc.

For a quotation, simply email us the following information to
– An inventory of pieces, including dimensions of any holloware.
– Composition of your pieces; Are they solid sterling/stainless steel, etc? (If you are unsure then please send pictures of any makers marks/hallmarks)
– A few images of the the worst effected pieces, photographed as clearly as possible.

We work with yachts and prestigious households throughout the world. If you have any questions or unusual requests we are quite accustomed to this, and very happy to help.
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